Important last minute stuff...

It is our last days at my mom's (or so we think...) and we have been busy doing last minute stuff:

Testing the new coffee machine before hitting the road (you should have seen his smile!).
Watching movies on my mom's big screen TV
Having a painful tooth pulled 
Taking care of an abandonned kitten that lives in my mom's condo parking lot
But mostly, packing up all the goodness that comes with sharing our daily lives with loved ones.

Transitions are never easy, especially when the departure date keeps being pushed back and you don't have a place to call home (and a painful tooth), but I can truly say that we have made the best of a tough situation. My mom is nothing short of amazing for having put up with the 5 of us in her 3 bedroom condo. 

We are finally moving into our bus for good tonight and will leave for 2 days of camping to regroup and connect with the joy of simply being together. Then, we still have some little things to get done as well as the solar panels installed on the bus next week and we should be good to go!