That special place...

We are blessed to be friends with the owners of Traveling Light Bed and Breakfast Yukon. I talked about them here when we visited two years ago. They live in one of the most amazing piece of land on earth and every time I sit on the platform in front of the yurt and look at that 270 degree view of the mountains, I almost feel overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

To say that I needed to recenter myself after our first 48 hours in the Yukon would be an understatement. The Yukon summer energy has always affected me immensely and as much as I love the long days and whirlwind of activities, I need to work twice as hard to stay grounded. This time around is no exception. In the summer, most Yukonners are stretched thin, pulled in ten thousand directions, wanting to take advantage of the nice weather to enjoy their amazing playground. 

I felt off my game a bit when we arrived. Surrounded by people with full agendas, I realized we had missed the boats to see many of our dear friends. Many already left to visit friends and family afar whereas most of the others were having a string of visitors throughout what was left of the summer.

I realized that I live more and more in a separate world. A world without plans, without an agenda, with long unplanned weeks and plenty of time on my hands. It truly is a blessing, but it does clash more and more with all the busyness around us.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. And I felt it the way the princess could feel the pea under the twenty mattresses... so that moment in that special place, sitting on the platform in front of the yurt, helped me move on towards acceptance of what I could not change. One breath at a time. I stayed there until the wind had cleared my mind. Until things started to make sense again. Until my perspective had shifted.

And as I walked back to the bus, taking in the sweet smell of the boreal forest through all my senses, I felt more alive than I had in a long time.