Weeding and juicing

When you travel, growing a garden is obviously out of the question, unless you stop somewhere long enough to watch it grow for a season. So when Amanda told us to stop buying greens and use the ones from her garden, we were more than delighted. She has a huge patch of chard that is bolting, so we juice lots of it everyday, along with some kale. She also grows loads of other greens in her greenhouse, like spinach, arugula, mustard greens and different types of lettuce that we eat daily in salads.

As we helped weed the potatoes, we also saved some of our favorite weeds to add to our juices: lamb's quarter and chickweed. Freshly picked greens (and weeds!) are loaded with nutrients and you can litterally feel the energy boost they give you. I feel so blessed my girls appreciate those greens as much as we do!