Music with her

Ever since they were tiny babies, she brought music to their life. She sang to them every Wednesday night when she came and babysat them with Johanne. She held them on her lap as soon as they could sit while she played the piano. No wonder they love music so much. And for the first time, they could share that passion with her. DanB teaches music to children here in the Yukon and she showed the girls some of the great games she uses with them. The three of them had twinkles in the eyes! Even after all those years apart, the connexion is still there, and their love for each other is still intact. 

p.s. For those who do not follow Road it up on FB (or who haven't checked Get Notifications), here is the link to an interview that was aired on CBC. They used the same footage for a longer video version that you can watch here (you have to select the August 13 Northbeat TV show in the boxes below - the guy with the blue hat, it's at about 36 min).