The shooting of a documentary

There is never a boring moment with Simon! Here: chewing grass just like the muskox!

Mara and Bella even had the crew film their dance routine!

We will be part of a documentary series presented by TV5 on people that live off the beaten path. Simon and his crew spent the week with us and we truly had a blast! They filmed our daily life in the bus: waking up, making breakfast and picking greens in the greenhouse and garden for the green juice, preparing the energy balls for the market, JF working and finishing the wood flooring, the nightime routine (accompanied by a very funny made up story by Simon!). All this in our bus. At times, there were 9 persons in it! 

We all jumped aboard the bus and went to visit the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. We were in luck and got to see all the new babies! We found the 4 lynx kittens hidden in the shade cuddling with their mom and even got to see the mountain goat triplets (a very rare occurence) from very close! 

On the way back, the film crew was filming from a vehicle in movement, and just like in the movies, they were driving in front of us, beside, behind... It was pretty impressive!

It's a lot of work, and many days will go into the making of this documentary... We will spend a good 4 full days with them for a 20 minute episode that will be released in January 2016...
We are pretty excited to be part of this! And it is such a neat experience for us and the girls!