The knitting club and a road angel

I believe the cold weather has inspired us and we have been in a knitting frenzy for the past week, which has kept us busy on the long days of driving south.

One night, in the middle of nowhere, halfway through a big hill, an air hose popped and we were stuck on the side of the road. The roadside assistance could not get a mechanic to reach us before the next day. An hour later, a truck driver stopped by to tell us to be careful and not get out of the bus because a mama bear with her 3 cubs lived right there and that she was quite aggressive (so much so that none of the truck drivers from the area wanted to stop there). After some talking and figuring out our problem, he said he might have the exact part we needed to fix our air leak. And sure enough, he did! After lots of loud screaming from the girls (to scare the mama bear), JF successfully replaced the part and we were off to a better place to spend the night! Thank you, road angel!

We are now in Kelowna, camping by the beautiful lake and enjoying the bounty of local fruits in season. We feasted on organic peaches and strawberries, as well as super sweet concord grapes and perfectly crunchy apples! Oh the Okanagan!!