Rossland, BC, and a bit of nostalgia

The bus got a facelift thanks to Andy's artistic touch!

We spent the week in Rossland, BC, visiting our dear friends Andy and Martine, as well as Annie, in Winlaw, an hour away (I forgot my camera when we went to visit her.... so no photos of her little corner of paradise...). The kids created amazing plays and art, there was always great food cooking on their beautiful big stove and we soaked up every last bit of friendship we could before heading south on our adventure.

Even when you know you are where you should be in life and feel truly blessed to be, there are moments where nostalgia takes over. Visiting our friends and connecting with their community made me miss mine. This morning, I woke up thinking about all the people I miss. I sometimes question our decision. How can we stay away from the people we love for so long? How can this be the right thing?

This morning, I sat with the tears of insecurity. And the tears of love for those I miss.

And I also sat with a deep feeling a gratitude for all that we have. For everything that comes our way. For the amazing love I feel for JF and the girls. For the adventure that is still to come.

This is all so alive right now. Some days, all I can do is be thankful for emotions and allow the beauty of the present moment to eclipse our worries for the future.