Rock climbing the Sunshine Wall, Echo Basin, WA

Taking pictures with Mathilde at sunrise. This place is simply magical.

Heading to the Sunshine Wall. A gorgeous 20 minute hike from our base camp at Frenchman Coulee.

warm and sunny (and windy!) on top of the mesa.

We have to go through a short (and very narrow!) slot canyon to get to the wall. There was a drop at the end and we had to carry Java down. He was NOT impressed...

The view from where I was belaying...

Jennifer leading her first route. A 5.9+!!!

Look at the awesome pillars!!

Mara sitting on the "saddle" of Ride 'em Cowboy (5.9+), one of the most popular route on this crag. There are always line ups here on the weekends!

Just another sunset in paradise...

Sun gazing dog...

On the hike back, as we rounded a corner, we all stopped in our tracks, mesmerized by the big glowing rising moon (which is much smaller on the picture that it was in reality).

On the first day, we unknowingly started working on the toughest route on The Feathers (Hardening of the Arteries 5.10C ). The kids worked hard and persevered!

Some funky route names we came across so far: Crackmaster lambada, Elvis’ Pharmacist, Give Me a Second My Elvis is Pinched (those tight harnesses!)