California fun!

Mount Shasta is considered a sacred mountain with an energy vortex. The mountain has long been revered by the Native Americans of the area, who regard it as the center of creation. 

These kids have so much imagination! Playing limbo under a fence!

Biking by brussel sprouts fields

Beautiful, secluded beach.

Two days ago, the plan was to hit the mountains to go to Yosemite, but the fact that we now needed to have chains for both our vehicles (California Law) and the fact that the nights would be well below freezing (and that our pipes could freeze made us change our mind. Two weeks prior, the original plan was to drive East of the Sierras to camp in some awesome boondocking sites with natural hot springs, but we had to change that plan because of the snow and high elevation of most of the camping spots we wanted to hit. So it was back to the drawing board, and disappointed to not visit Yosemite (again!), we decided to come back to an area we barely explored last year. Turns out, it was a great decision!! Biking by the sea in shorts and tank top (instead of rock climbing or mountain biking at 6 degrees Celcius) felt amazing! The smell coming from the crop of brussel sprouts, the sweet scent of the flowers and the sea breeze, leaving a sticky coat on our skin as we biked under the glorious sun was pure bliss!