Hiking up to Flatiron (Syphon Draw), Superstition Mountains, AZ

This is where we are going. Yep.

Looking down at the Syphon

Last push before the summit... An 10 feet high rock wall!

We could see the mini red bus down there...

It takes more concentration coming down...

The sun came out as we were finishing the hike!

From the trailhead, it is hard to believe that we were standing on the top of the Flatiron!

Beautiful cloudy night sky.

This is actually a hike in two acts. The first part is called Siphon Draw (the Basin), which is aptly named for its ability to "drain off" (i.e. siphon) water from a large area on Superstition Mountain. Just a light amount of precipitation will result in water being siphoned into the canyon draw and flow over the slick rock. The polished slick rock offers clues to the violent blasts of water rocketing through the chute. Clearly not the place to be in a storm... This hike is somewhat unique in that in less than 2 miles it traverses a State Park (Lost Dutchman), a National Forest (Tonto), and a Wilderness Area (Superstition) while urban views of the Greater Phoenix Area are always at hand. 

The hike to the Basin is a 2 miles hike (with a 1000 feet elevation gain), and most peole turn around at this point, but you can push on another mile (but a 2000 feet elevation gain!) up to the Flatiron (at 4860 feet). A total of 6 miles (10 km) of strenuous and very rewarding hiking/scrambling.

The Flatiron got its name because it ressembles the New York Flatiron building. Here’s a little video that’ll give you a feel of the hike and the 360 degree view on top (but I would not want to come down in the dark!).