Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park, British Columbia: a rock climbing mecca

Princess Cat getting slathered in sunscreen!

This young girl will soon kick my butt (she already does on a mountain bike!)!

I love that my girls got to watch some strong women rock climbing!

The rock climbing scene is such a fun and colorful one! It was really cool to see old people in their 50s still rock climbing (trad even!).

The Skaha Bluffs (located just outside of the Penticton city limits) are the second largest rock climbing site in British Columbia with more than 650 routes (after the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish). We are planning to come back and explore this place more in the fall with our American friends! There is no campground in that Provincial Park, but the entrance is free, and there are lots of hiking and biking trails too. Note that there is no water available in the park and that the best period to visit is from March to October.

It felt really weird to read that on that same night we were at the Bluffs, one of the great men of rock climbing died while base jumping in Yosemite. Here's an article that explains the circumstances of his death.

Those who follow us on Facebook probably know already, but there were two articles published on our adventures in the last few weeks, one in French by Les 4 Farfelus (Une vie sur la route) and one in English by Go-Van