On Yukon Time

Chop wood, carry water, drink wine.

Arnica oil in the making, offered by a friend.

Hiking with a man that bends down to pick and eat rose petals. He tells me that the sweetest are the darkest ones...

Paddling down the Yukon river on a cold Saturday afternoon, that's living On Yukon Time!

There is a northern ailment called On Yukon Time, which seems to be culturally ingrained into our collective psyche. You can feel it when you get off the plane from Vancouver. It's as if the air is thicker and tougher to move through up here

No, it's not Pacific Standard Time, but a relaxed physiological perception of time itself. We call it Yukon Time. It’s the good, easy Yukon lifestyle.

The unit of a minute is deemed overkill and rounded to the hour. Some may even dislike the unit of an hour and may employ the morning, afternoon and evening system as their time posts. The extreme of this is simply throwing the watch in the creek and compartmentalizing to days (from here).

Here is one little video created by Boréale Biking, the company that organizes the junior program in which the girls participate this summer, that depicts pretty well what living On Yukon Time means.