Another beautiful encounter and more friends

We left Whitehorse at 9:30 pm after a two hour bike ride in the rain. The girls fell asleep on top of each other on the drive back, between bike helmets, piles of clean laundry and bags of groceries. It was the perfect hour to drive the distance that separated us from our campsite in Pine Lake, near Haines Junction. I rolled down my window and let the warm hair dry my hair. After about 30 minutes of driving, we were completely alone on the road. We didn’t pass one single vehicule for almost an hour. Alone in that beautiful wild nature. 

We expected to be alone for our second week in Pine Lake, but we lucked out with awesome neighbors! I had met a nice family a month ago in the Whitehorse Library parking lot (she was taking pictures of our stickers on the Westy when I came out!) and we talked for 5 minutes and stayed in touch through Facebook. They were on a 4-month long road trip, heading towards Alaska. On their way down, they stopped in Pine Lake for a few nights and we had great conversations together about living intentionally, eating healthy and stepping out of the rat race. It is so easy to connect with people that really get you!

We also had the beautiful visit of the girls' Yukon grandmas on two separate occasion during the week. The attachment they feel for these women who took care of them almost every Wednesday night for 4 years while JF and I had a few hours to ourselves is so special. My heart is heavy with gratitude for all the love around us.