On housesitting and domesticity

A house with a slide beside the stairs? Yes, please!

Mathilde sewed that shirt for herself from an old shirt of mine and a pair of shorts!

If you follow Road it up on Facebook, you probably saw my little series about all the things I love about the Yukon. Here’s one more: housesitting. I had never heard that word until I moved here 12 years ago. It’s staying at someone’s place for free while they are gone and taking care of the animals, plants and garden, for weeks or months at a time. We are lucky to have at least a few offers every summer when we come here. This year, since the girls have 2 bike meets a week in town (and dance camp this week for Mara, music camp for Mathilde in two weeks), we are sticking to the housesitting opportunities that are close to town.

So this week, we are housesitting at our friends’ beautiful place, 3 minutes drive from Mara’s dance camp. I feel so domestic watering the garden, baking and feeding the cat and hamsters! There’s a washer and dryer, an oven and a dishwasher!! A mere two hours after we arrived, Mathilde and I were already baking cookies! The next day, I started with granolas, and soon I had baked a strawberry shortcake, cardamom-pecan-apricot cookies and apple crisp. That’s how I roll! Give me a kitchen, and I’ll feed you!

Oh! And the girls and I did an hour-long interview (in French) about our life on the road. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here. The first 2 minutes have some silences, but after that, it's all fine.