I wish I could...

My friends Helen Anne and Dan are building their dream house on their dream property. These guys are the king and queen of manifesting their dreams. I remember clearly sitting on the beach on the other side of the lake with Helen Anne many years ago and her pointing to the other side of the lake and saying: one day, I’ll have a house there. Of course, I thought. There are only 8 parcels of land where you can build a house around that lake and they are very coveted… She set her intention, shared her dream with some people (including AN acquaintance who has a cabin on the lake) and let it go...  A few years went by.  Then last year she received an email from that acquaintance who shared that a neighbour on the lake was selling his little old cabin.   They made an offer. And got it. It was a giant leap of faith. And a big undertaking to demolish the cabin and start building a house for their family. And last night, they held their first floor party! As we sat on the plywood floor as the sun was going down, watching the kids play in the lake, we listened to an older neighbour (most of them have lived there for 25 and 40 years!) tell us about how this used to be the party place when they were young. He proceeded to tell us how one very merry evening, a few guys sky-dived naked and one landed in a tree right there. It felt like the perfect closure to a fun evening. This is really a happy place!

When we met with them in 2012 for a few weeks during our travels, I remember asking Dan if he was taking that year off to reevaluate what he wanted to do for a living. He said his dream was to teach canoe and kayak, but never gave it much tought before. Now, 3 years later, he runs a very popular canoe summer camp and trains athletes!! Talk about making things happen 
and following your passion!

I know some of you read my posts with envy. Maybe what you see in me is that part of yourself that wants to take a leap of faith. That my fire lights up your fire. But that fear, or your need for routine and for security, makes you believe that you can't do it. Don't believe the lie. Jump!

What is it that you wish you could do?

I wish I could live a thousand lifetimes and try them all…