Life in the village: on luxury and privilege

Learning by doing: Mathilde and Joel decided to open a broken sewing machine to see how it worked.

As it is often the case in the Yukon, there was a bear hanging around the campground. One evening, we saw it right there where Aïsha was (less than 20 feet from the fire). We warned the kids to stay together. They just waved and said they knew what to do if they encountered a bear. Yukon kids...

“Luxury” is a loaded word.

Every time someone tells me we are lucky to live such a lifestyle a kitten dies somewhere. Yes, it is absolutely true that we are lucky that we both chose a career path 15 years ago that allows us now to work online. It’s true that we are fortunate to have been born in a rich country and be granted the famous white privilege, but the fact that we can live on the road is the result of conscious decisions and choices, not luxury. Please, remember that.

We are however very fortunate to have amazing friends to travel with and amazing friends and family that welcomes us back home, in the Yukon and in Quebec. We are incredibly lucky to be sitting around a bonfire at 2 am (because with the midnight sun, it's really easy to forget that it is that late...) with new and old friends, drinking good beer and eating cheese fondue.  You are completely right. That is luxury.