The goodbye party

Ahh! The goodbyes... They are always bittersweet... These people are my people. They hold a very special place in my heart. The kids played crocket for a while and some adults played bocce, there was a walk in the woods by the creek with amazing women, a few Martinis, delicious salads and chèvre chauds, and a make-your-own banana splits table.

As we drove back past midnight, I saw stars in the sky for the first time in almost 3 months... It was exhilarating! A friend saw the first northern light of the season... Darkness is back, the fireweeds are spreading their fluffy seeds in the fall wind, the cranberries are almost ripe (there has been a few nights under zero already) and the aspen leaves are quickly turning yellow. It's time for us to leave. 

Last week, we went to see a beautiful documentary called All the time in the world about a family that decides to go live far out in the bush (2 hours by motor boat north of Dawson) for nine months and the images of the wild Yukon winter made me feel a tad bit nostalgic...  I am sure that would get old after 6 months, but there is something I am starting to miss about the introspection of fall and winter, the turning inward, the silence of a crisp winter day.

But for now, as sad as we are to leave our beloved Yukon friends behind, we are also excited to hit the road again for more exciting adventures.