A musical weekend

The rain held off long enough so we could enjoy an improvised dinner of whole salmons cooked on the fire and a beautiful blue moon ritual, with songs on the guitar.

She did her guitar concert on the big stage of the Yukon Art Center.

The kids rock band totally stole the show! They had changed the words of Eric Clapton's Cocaine's song  (it was Propane!) and it was hilarious!

We brought the girls to see the Vaudeville revue show The Frantic Follies and we all had a blast! You should have heard them roar when JF got picked to go on the stage and won the best garter watcher title! What a night! 

As we were driving back from her guitar class one afternoon this week, Fade to Black came up in the Westy and she started strummed the air. I told her that I used to play that song with my 16 yo boyfriend… (him on his electric guitar, me on my classical one…). Because, you know, sometimes you have to throw stuff like that in a conversation with your kids, so they realize, you have not always been a mom... and even worst, that you rocked!
She smiled and said with twinkling eyes:

-Really? That's so coooool! That means you could teach it to me!

Oh... I wish I remembered how to play, baby girl… I’d love to show you some Metallica or Iron Maiden from my past life!