My Survival Kit

It's been a week of cold rain, of noisy parking lot nights, of disapointing news (no CT Scan for JF until the fracture is fully healed, no way to know what is going on in his shoulder for a while...), of waiting for packages to come (that no address deal gets tiring...), only to find out it didn't get there or is missing a part... First world problems. I know. But the type of week that makes me question everything, that makes me long for a bit more space, a daily warm shower... oh, and a dinner prepared by my mom while we're at it!

At the cusp of 40, I know myself enough to not dig too deep in those moments, to wait for the sun to come back (yes, litterally and figuratively), for the next camping spot in the woods where I will be able to be outside more and more active, for the inner storm to quiet down.

I find myself craving more alone time lately, which, as an extraverted with a tendency towards depression has often been a worrying sign in the past, but not now. I am good now. I just need nature, music, good books and a pen and notebook with me at all time. It's my survival kit in times of turmoil.

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