Slowing down

When you are in constant motion, you don't always realize that movement takes energy. When you stop somewhere and linger on, create some habits and a bit of a routine, you sometimes run the risk of not wanting to leave... just yet. 

There is something quite relaxing about driving somewhere without needing your GPS, being efficient in a grocery store because you know where things are, getting to know which dryers are more efficients at the laundromat and which days are less busy at the rock gym... It's the little things... 

So this weekend, there was no rush to hike or bike all the trails we wanted to do, because we still have time. We could just hang around camp, talk and read in the sun, fix what needed to be fixed on the rigs and catch up on mundane things. A few times, we climbed on top of the hill that towers over the BLM land and sat there, looking at this cool city that is litterally surrounded by mountains, looking down at our tiny red bus below... Perspective is a beautiful thing.