A grey week

It’s been a grey week of rain in the usually sunny and dry Arizon desert. When it rains, the bus feels small, there is too much mud and dog hair, and patience runs thin… I had a lingering feeling of sadness. Nothing clear-cut, just a low-grade melancholy… Even with the rock gym subscription we took for the month, the great mountain biking trails, meeting a great new family and the release of the Web episode that was filmed in the summer of 2014 in the Yukon on our life on the road (you can still watch it online for a few more days, in French only), I was not on top of my game. It’s nothing to worry about, I know that as soon as the sun and warmth will come back, I’ll feel better. That’s just how I roll. 

I’ve given a lot of thought about the idea of change lately. How things and people don’t really change… and how hard it is to let go of our attachment to change. I’ve laid awake at night a few times, listening to the desert owls discussions, thinking about that...

We are staying at the BLM near Tucson right now. This is a bit of a desolate place, with a bit of a weird vibe. There is a guy living in a tent nearby that has an electronic keyboard in his tent… we can hear him play the same few notes over and over at any time of the day… As my friend Isabelle beautiful expressed it: There is literally everything in this world, mostly lonely people sharing their loneliness.

We’ve had Jehovah witnesses coming at the bus door at the BLM, then Mexican itinerant meat sellers (with really good deals… Hmmm… illegal border crossing with meat anyone?). It’s a weird place, I tell ya’… But the kids enjoy the space and built a really cool bike trail with jumps and wooden features. And we sure are making the most of that gym subscription. We went 4 times this week!