El Campo: a van community meet-up

Two Wanderlodges! 

Les 4 Farfelus showed the kids how to make really cool macramé bracelets.

Some serious Adventure Mobiles!

There were over 90 vans that came to El Campo, from the highly customized Disney Van to the authentically restored VW Split,  to pretty much everything in between... 

...and some whose name you just can’t forget!

When was the last time you hugged a horse while still in your pyjama?

The last time we went to a van meet-up was about 15 years ago in Tadoussac, Québec, with our old VW '77 Bus. I was honestly a bit reluctant to go this weekend, but I really liked Julien and what he was doing with Go-Van, so decided to go. Most meets are organized by van types, but what Julien wanted to create was an event based on the lifestyle more than on the brand. And he sure succeeded! 

It was the same friendly atmosphere we remembered, a bunch of people who are passionate about their van and the freedom that comes with it, be it for fulltime living or weekend adventures. It was really exciting to meet people we have been following online for years, like Les 4 Farfelus (from France) and Bodeswell (from California), Simon (also on Instagram), and Marie and Francis who had just bought a Wanderlodge after reading an interview Cindy from Les 4 Farfelus did with us a while ago! It sure is a small world!

There were kids everywhere mingling with each other, playing by the river, feeding fresh grass to the horses, playing cards and tag and hide and seek. Kids being kids.

There was a best van modification contest (the guy that won had made a laundry chute in his Westy!), a Westfalia CV joint assembly contest to which JF participated and a photo contest (that I won!).r

The event was held in the Vallée-Bras-du-Nord, an awesome outdoor destination. We went to check out some of the mountain bike trails and understood why they are considered among the best in Quebec! We had never seen such manucured trails in our life (but we also never had to pay $40 to bike as a family for a day!). But with trails named Maple Butter, what’s not to like!

Being lulled to sleep in the bus by a bunch of people singing French Canadian songs by the bonfire was just the cultural bath I needed! Bodeswell sure had the full authentic Quebec experience!

We were surprise to see how curious people were about our bus, about our story. It felt like we touched some people by the choices we made. And that always feels pretty awesome.

Some people were dreading the return to normal life after such a fun weekend. And I get it. I used to be one of them. Now, we’re lucky enough to call this our normal life.