Guacamole Mesa Trail system, Virgin, UT

This is not a great photo, but it's the only one in which we see the Cinder cone (aka Big Avocado, that gave the name to this place). A cinder Cone is a volcano composed of volcanic cinders or small, rough particles of hardened lava.

Isa holding on to the rock. She loooovvvveess cliffs!

The view on the drive up and down the trailhead.

I kind of wonder why the JEM Trail and Gooseberry Mesa Trails are the must-do trails of this area since Guacamole Mesa seems to have it all in a more compact and more stunning version : fantastic slickrock, awesome singletrack, amazing scenery and big exposure. It's the mesa adjacent to Zion National Park overlooking the Virgin River, but without all the people that you find on JEM or Goose. It’s a mix of undulating open-rock riding plus singletrack through pinion, juniper, and brush. The trail is upper-intermediate in tech requirement, with a short area of advanced tech at the southeast corner of the loop. If you don't usually wear protection, this is the right place to start doing so!

The trail system has been named after the Big Avocado, a perfectly round cinder cone, that has been caused by a volcanic vent blowing out small pieces of molten rock. The trails are named Margarita, Holy Guacamole, Lime Loop, and the more exposed one is called Salt on the Rim. What’s not to like about this place?

The drive up to the trailhead is spectacular, with one side covered in black volcanic rock boulers and the other with red sandstone cliffs.

Oh and we found some petrified wood pieces on the trail! The kids were stocked!