La Verkin Overlook, Utah

The first night we arrived, there was a crazy thunderstorm.

And we woke up to snow-covered mountains the next morning (view from the bed when I opened the curtains...)

And to the left, view of Flying Monkey Mesa...

Can you see? Snow covered mountains on the left and Flying Monkey Mesa on the right.

We went biking on lower JEM trail with Jerud and Ching that we had met in Tucson.

Jerud and Ching's toaster and their veggie oil truck. Learn more on their website: Live Small, Ride Free.

Tiky, Ching and Jerud. They are the ones who first scouted this awesome place.

Post-bike ride beer at sunset at camp

This is litterally 100 feet from our door.

This too. Told you, that place is unbelievable.

Some places are too good to be true. Well, this was one of those... It was listed on as a great place to spend a few nights and we understood it was on BLM land. On the second night, the police showed up and told us that we needed to leave. We were so bummed. This place was perfect. Just big enough to fit 5 rigs with a 360 degree views, a mere 3 minutes drive from the JEM trail trailhead. On close inspection of the map, it is just on the border of the BLM...  However, Jerud and Ching camped there for a week before the police showed up. I think that if you are alone and lay low, they will let you camp there.

We have moved to a less scenic spot, but this one is right on the JEM trail. That means we can bike right from our door!! And that trail has a hell of view! I'll try to bring the big camera with me next time to show you (it's right along a canyon, quite scary at times).