R.I.P. Java

Your first day with us, at 8 weeks, on July 21st 2015.

Your first time meeting your friend Anna.

This man loved you as much as you loved him...

More love...

You always loved coming on hikes with us. Even at 3 months, you whined every time we stopped because you wanted to keep running!

Your first bike ride, on Maggie's Run, in Carcross. That's when I could still be faster than you!

Your first swim... 

Come on! Let's go!

Can we go for a ride now?

At Boer Mountain, British Columbia, September 2015

At the Skaha Bluffs, British Columbia.

You were an awesome crag dog... 

Your first (and last) time playing with a wasps' nest...

Sunset at Frenchman Coulee, Vantage, Washington State.

On the beach in Santa Cruz, CA.

Two of your favorite things: finding bones and rolling in the grass.

At Cochise Stronghold, AZ.

You were the best pillow for tired little climbers.

Biking in Virgin, UT.

What a beautiful, awesome dog you were, Java (in Joshua Tree National Park, CA).

And what a great (albeit too short) life you had... so many adventures in those short 11 months we were together...

That time we made you wear underwear to keep you from licking your stitches...

The last picture I have of you, with Anna, a few days before the accident.

For those of you who didn't know yet, here's what I wrote on July 5th on Facebook: 

R.I.P. Java – (May 18th, 2015 - July 4th 2016)

Yesterday, you took off on an adventure with your friend Anna and never made it back home. We were devastated to find out that you got hit by a car on the Alaska Highway. You were still wet from your dip in the lake when someone found you. Sweet Java, beloved adventure companion, mountain biker extraordinaire, you will be sorely missed. We are completely heartbroken. 

I hope that doggy heaven will be good to you, with lots of juicy bones and not-too-fast squirrels.