Good times in the Ottawa region

Picnic in the park, Vieux Hull.

Stout and a stout.

Visiting friends in Cantley and getting some circus action.

Café du chat Sibérien, Chelsea, is quite the concept. If you are willing to pay for a very expensive coffee, you can sit in a room with Siberian cats roaming over your head (on some funky rope course/cat contraption) or enjoy their company while they sleep by your table in an alcove in the wall. You can't pet them or touch them (or wake them up), unless they come and jump on you!

A game of Agricola and discovering the very interesting Jack's Tonique.

Enjoying the Siberian cat coffee terrace. Stupid cats.

Everytime we come back east, the first stop is always the Ottawa region. The girls' godparents (our friends Val and JF) have lived there for a long time, our Yukon friends Marie and Chris moved there in 2012, and now, friends that lived in the Eastern Townships (and the Netherlands, and Montreal, and China!) have recently moved there too! We really like that area and moochdocked at Chris and Marie for 5 nights before heading to Montreal.

I've said it many times, but one of the things we love the most from our nomadic lifestyle is to be able to park at friends' houses and share some of their daily life. Waking up groggy and sharing a Red Bus coffee on the deck, cooking together while sipping drinks and doing bus mechanics in the dark... It's pretty amazing to not see some people for 2 years and just pick up our connexion where we left it and have so much to share! I feel that we are truly fortunate to have such exceptional people in our life, that welcomes us in their space and life whenever we show up at their doorstep!