The Estrella Hedgehog Hustle - A mountain bike race in Phoenix, AZ

An Airstream turned into a coffee shop was selling local coffee on site.

Antonio (blue and green) at the start of the race.

SS for single speed (one gear)... or die hard that likes to suffer!

Can you feel the pain?

And the relief!

This guy glued his gel cubes straight on his bike frame for easy access... Not sure I want to know how he got them to stick there or how cruncry they were after a few laps in the desert dust...

Jason at the Finish! 1st place in the Rock Crushers! 

Diedra was racing too! So inspiring to see her on the course!

Some of the Fat Bike guys were pretty fun to watch!

Many people walked their bike to the finish line - or abandoned - because of the numerous flats. This guy jogged to the finish line with his bike on his back since his chain got jammed and his derailler broke...

Diedra at the Finish! 8th position even if she lost 3 min putting her chain back on. You rock, girl!

Diedra and Jason's sons were also racing. Jason was their support for the race. Here he is offering water to Charlie.

Cna you see the pride in these two faces? Charlie had an awesome race and finished 2nd. It was his first podium!

Nothing compares to the energy of a race. The palpable excitement and nervousness before the start, the exhaustion, the pride, the frustration, the satisfaction post-race... Just being there and soaking it up feels great. And that's exactly what JF did. Our friend Antonio was racing, as well as the Liske family that we met a month ago in Tucson.

JF and Antonio tried the technical loop on Friday (the day before the race) and realized it would be no easy feat. In his category (Single Speed), Antonio had to do two long loops (9.5 mile per loop) and two technical loops (4.7 miles per loop). JF was Antonio's support for the race. 

The Hedgehog Hustle is the second race of the MBAA series. The ambiance was great and it was fun to see all the categories. We are even thinking of doing the race next year with the kids (I'd likely sell energy balls and other healthy goodies, take pictures and cheer them on the side, races are not my thing).