2015 Fulltime Families Boondocking Rally

You might think that what we do is quite unique... but there are more and more families chosing this great lifestyle. There is even an organisation called Fulltime Families that help traveling families connect and learn from one another. A few times a year, they organize rallys for all the families to come together for 4 days of fun. It is an amazing way to get to know other likeminded travelers.

This time around, the rally was held in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, at Government Point, so it was not a campground, which made it super fun (and challenging with the crazy heat and limited water supply). The rangers from the National Park service came for 9 hours of learning activities for the children (in 3 blocks of 3 hours). They even brought a telescope for a star watching Program. It was amazing!

The wonderful organizers worked hard to make this event the success it was! There was a tie dye party, lots of crafts for the kids, a black light hike to find scorpions (did you know that scorpions glow in the dark?! We didn't see any on the hike, but our friend found one in her outdoor kitchen... !). There was also a family building challenge (teams had to build the tallest free-standing structure from uncooked spaghetti, a piece of string and tape, and a marshmallow on top... our engineer friend won the first place!), an epic water gun and water balloon fight, a talent show (our girls prepared a magic show with their friends and got second place),  a campfire cooking class, a super funny auction night with professional auctionneer Mike and more.

We met great people and had a really good time!

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Las Vegas Bay Campground

I think I can say without a doubt that this has been the best campsite we have ever had in our life! You see this overlook in the last two pictures? It was on our campsite. Our own private overlook. Every morning, we watched the sunrise in bed, snuggled together.

There was a beautiful trail to walk along the cliffs and amazing rocks to collect and crack open (inspired by the beautiful geodes our friends' parents found near Rockhound State Park, NM, and showed the kids while they camped here with us for a few days. It was so lovely to have such sweet grandparents around!).

We also went mountain biking in Boulder City (Bootleg Canyon is a moutain biking mecca!), but the camera did not come with us...