Our time in Marsh Lake

Marsh Lake

Maryne's greenhouse

Aïsha made Mémé's molasse's cookies

Mathilde made mini-tart filled with homemade custard, cooked peaches and strawberries and chantilly cream. The kid can cook.

Photo by Josée.

Sunday breakfast at Josée's

We did a housesit for our friend Maryne who lives right by Marsh Lake, 30 min South of town. She had planted her greenhouse just for us and we ate from it daily. What a treat! Her place also happened to be only 5 minutes from my friend Josée's beautiful house, so we spent a lot of time with her.

We baked and had friends over for delicious meals. We spent lots of time at the beach (Army Beach is one of the nicest beachesin the Yukon) and in the water (the water is really warm this year... which by Yukon standards means that you don't get calves cramps), and enjoyed having a homebase for 5 weeks.