Our morning walks

That is the view of the Yukon River we get after a 5 minute stroll from the house (the trail litterally passes through the property) and we can hike or bike for kilometers.

Collecting wild sage for her best friend so she can smell the Yukon!

This is a squatter's cabin. In the 50's and 60's there was a big squatter population here (squatters are a group of people living without authorisation on Crown and private land) and there are still many squatters house in and around Whitehorse.

The mornings are getting cold up here already and getting out of bed is harder and harder… I end up being snuggled by little girls in the morning… The other day, a sleepy eyed Aïsha put her head on my shoulder and breathed in my neck…

-You smell so good, mama!

-Really? What do I smell like? (I had a lot of question marks in my voice since I hadn’t showered since the previous night mountain bike ride and imagine I smelled very… ahem... earthy!

-I don’t know, you smell like my mom… and it’s so yummy!

Ahh! These girls!