Beach days

You can see our friends' Dan and Helen Anne's house being built in the background. I was on kid duty while the dads put together the second floor.

After a few weeks of rain and cold weather, we thought fall was here for good (yes, August is fall here), but even if the leaves are already changing colors, summer surprised us this week with one last burst of sun and heat. I am sure that at least half the population of Whitehorse was crowded on the few beaches that are close to town, soaking up the warmth, knowing all too well that it might be the last time they can lay bare skin on a beach this year.

On our morning walks, I have been noticing how the fireweed leaves are starting to turn red, and the aspen leaves, yellow. The girls are running ahead, screaming like little squaws to inform the bears of their presence, arms open, beautiful and happy. I cannot help but notice how teenager like they are looking these days. I often catch a glance of the women they will be one day. But for now, just like all the Yukonners up here, I am basking in their glorious sunshine and enjoying every moment they still want to share with me, knowing all too well that it won’t last many more seasons...