Halloween 2016 raised the bar!

These kids come up with the best costumes: Plague Doctor and mathemathics.

The pirate twins.

The dark fairy and Viking family.

The most beautiful and delicious bread.

Another gorgeous Viking.

The corn challenge: finding the kernel with a red dot. It was tiny!!

And meanwhile outside... zombies roamed... Tristan and Dave took their job pretty seriously and brought just enough fear factor to make the outside challenges spooky.

Spider nest made with ballons filled with water and a glow stick.

Cat litter challenge: retrieving the keys to open the handcuffs. My tootsie roll turds were so great that the kids were really grossed out!

Listening to Steph explain the goblin food tasting test. Gross.

Mara's face says it all. Yuck. Those goblins have disgusting tastes! On the right: retrieving a letter to solve the riddle in the pumpkin belly filled with rotten pomegranate, tomatoes, pumpkin insides and more gooey stuff...

Finding the loot after having faced all the challenges and solving the riddle! A well-earned price!

Those who have followed us for many years know that our friends Steph and Dave throw the best parties, Secret Agent theme, Chinese New Year, Disco funk. You name it. They did it again with Halloween this year with an Amazing Race theme. There were six challenges at the end of which the four teams retrieved letters that they would put together to find the final loot. The challenges were super fun and gross (think putting your hand in a holed tree filled with cold slimy spaghetti to find a letter while zombies are roaming around in the dark (even the dog was scared!). It was 3 hours of non-stop challenging fun (for a full day of prep!)! To top it all, the day prior we had an horror buffet in Montreal with Isa, Martin and Alex (with whom we travelled this year, you know them!) and we went trick or treating with our Waterville friends, Steph and JF, and shared a delicious meal (the beautiful bread was from that meal). 

It was deemed the best Halloween ever!!