Reunion with friends and family, apple picking and more

Lots of apple crisp making!

Too many nights in a garage yard while the bus was getting fixed...

Beautiful cold fall morning.

The smell of maple leaves.

Lunch at a delicious village café (Les 3 Soeurs, Waterville).

A beautiful shared meal for Thanksgiving.

And lots of candle blowing!

For any full-time traveler, coming back home for a time is always a whirlwind of visits, dinners and obligations (I've stopped counting the hours we spent at the dentist and garage...). It's intense and full. It feels so awesome to have all these people waiting for us with open arms (and houses!), cooking beautiful meals for us and welcoming us with our crazy changing schedules (see garage appointments). It's a big change to our usually very relax day-by-day life on the road, it's a bit disconcerting for all of us to be so busy (and it's GOOD busy, just too busy...). We feel unbalanced. Too much time eating and chatting, not enough time moving outside. Too much time juggling schedules, not enough time for spontaneous activities... 

We've realized that when we come back to either Quebec or the Yukon, we need to spend at least 2 1/2 months there to not feel rushed to see our people. We need some time to settle down. Time to breathe. Time to do nothing and have nights in our pjs playing cards together. 

We're leaving Quebec feeling like we rushed through it. We're tired and feeling like hiding in the woods for a few weeks to recharge. We feel like we haven't seen our people nearly enough (some we haven't seen at all). But the cold is pushing us South. We'll be back with a better plan next time (or rather, no plans, but more time). We're still learning how to travel right for us. 

For now, Wisconsin, here we come!! Why Wisconsin? Stay tuned!!