Presidential election and square dancing in Wisconsin

Are we there yet?

Watching the Presidential Election results coming in.

State coloring sheet for the kids to follow the election results.

Only a perfect Negroni could do for such a night...

We all needed some kitten love after that...

Trying to catch Australia

Our friend Jen rescued these two kitties at 4 weeks (their mom had died). She wasn't sure they would make it, but thanks to her great care, they are now fat and thriving, but they can't handle being separated from each other...

As I drive to Viroqua through the beautiful Wisconsin country side, I notice the old barns everywhere, cows grazing, rusty farm equipment sitting in the fields, a few Amish riding in their buggy on the side of the road, I almost feel in a different era. For a few miles, it’s the Westy that seems out of place. 

Meeting my friend Jen's friends and sister (and their beautiful kids) was a highlight of our time in Wisconsin. I've heard so much about them (and I am Facebook friend with some of them), that it really felt like we knew each other and we hit it off right away. What a beautiful community our friends have!

We even went to a Square Dance organized by the local homeschool group!

We arrived in Wisconsin the night before the Presidential election. It was such a great opportunity to go vote with our friends and learn more about the American election process. After dinner, we all sat around the long table and watched as the results started coming in, the kids filling their State coloring sheet, excited. Then, we got more and more quiet... we sat there in disbelief and stayed up passed midnight; we went to bed not knowing the official results. I will never forget the shear fear in the eyes of my friend’s daughter when she found out Trump had been elected the next morning. «Does that mean we’re gonna go to war, Mom?»